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Gautam Fibre Glass was established in 1988 by late Mr. S.K. Kanoria. It was his vision and foresight as a businessman that has made Gautam Fibre Glass survive through 30 years as a going concern that is: profitable; consistent; and capital efficient.  

Gautam Fibre Glass originally started with Glass Fibre as a raw material for its products. Later Ceramic Fibre was added to its product line.

Mr. Gautam Kanoria (founder's son) continued the business bringing to its present stature. He has expanded the product line, streamlined manufacturing and aligned logistics. GFG under his leadership has been steered to 200+ customers, pan India market penetration, consistent CAGR of 23%, and diversifying the business into services.

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What We Do


What we do



Gautam Fibre Glass' product line caters to the following applications within the scope of thermal insulation:

→ Furnace Curtains

→ Gasket & Wrapping material;

→ Welding curtains and Blankets;

→ Pipe hanger insulation;

→ Fuel line insulation;

→ Exhaust hoods and blankets; and

→ Wrapping general equipment for protection. 

On the Services front GFG works at Installations and providing Consultancy Services. 



Our Outlook 

 Mission Vision Values

  • → To be a company that serves society with sustainable heat loss minimizing solutions on a commercial scale with a focus on continuously increasing efficiency and reliability of our products/services.
  • → To always be committed to a life-long relationship with customers and work towards total customer satisfaction.
  • → To lay importance on bettering our quality, safety and environmental standards.
  • To build partnerships with all stakeholders; employees, customers, vendors, service providers, local communities and governments.



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Gautam Kanoria


Mr. Gautam Kanoria is a Graduate in Computer Applications from University of Bridgeport, CT, USA. He joined family business (GFG) in 2001 and was groomed and mentored as an ethical business person and guided for a leadership role by his father (founder of Gautam Fibre Glass) late Mr. S. K. Kanoria. Mr. S. K. Kanoria was an Industrial Engineer by training from the prestigious University of Buffalo, NY; Class of 1972. 

Gautam's sound educational background and family values added with a global exposure in his formative years have helped in forming a proactive, entrepreneurial persona. He has managed to build healthy relationships with his business associates including employees, customers, vendors and bankers which has largely helped in the smooth functioning of his business activities. Professionally he is associated with local and regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry Associations,  and other business networks. 


Quick Facts



→ Established in 1988

→ Backed by Technically Qualified Individuals with Highest Standards of Business Ethics

→ Leading Supplier to Various OEMs, PSUs, Insulation Contractors & Resellers

→ Best-In-Class Quality Management System, Product Finishing, Packaging & Delivery Schedules

→ In-House Raw Material & Finished Product Testing

A TUV Rheinland Certified ISO 9001 : 2008 Company