Glass Fiber Tape


Glass Fiber Tape is woven from texturized e-glass fiber yarn on specialized looms. GFT is suitable for temperatures upto 550oC, and typically used as high temperature gaskets between flanges or simply a wrap on pipelines to reduce heat loss in high heat generating areas.

GFT can be pre-inserted with SS 304 to improve its tensile strength at elevated temperatures and it can also be coated with vermiculite or silicon rubber to make it 100% non-permeable. This makes it suitable for application in expansion joints and food industry.

Base Material

Glass Fibre, which is used in weaving GFT is chemically known as boro-silico-alumino-calcic glass. It is a texturized e-glass yarn with a filament diameter of 9 micron.

It is chemically composed of the following:

SiO2 content (53-60%)


Alkaline Terrous Oxides [CaO, MgO] (20-25%)

TiO(0-3%), B2O(0-9%)

Alkaline Oxides [Na2O, K2O] (<2%)

Technical Parameters

Recommended Service Temperature → 550°C

Softening Point → 850°C

Melting Point → 1200°C

Loss on Ignition → <1%

Structure → Plain / Twill Weave (Closely Woven)

Default Reinforcement → None

Optional Reinforcement → SS 304

Color → White

Dimension & Customization

Standard Width → 25mm ~ 100mm

Standard Thickness → 2mm ~ 5mm

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